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Business intelligence (BI) is a process for data analysis and presentation purpose to assist business executives and managers in decision making. BI uses a number of important tools, applications and methods which makes it possible for an organization to collect data, develop queries and run them against the data, report generation, data visualization and this helps in making the data information available to the corporate members when making informed decisions.

Business intelligence is important in corporate organizations as they help in accelerating and improving decision making processes, optimize efficiency, increase potential revenues as well as higher competitive advantage in the industry. Business Intelligence has also been used by companies to do market research and identify the potential market segments as well as analyze the trends, this helps in improving on their weak points.

Business intelligence can include a range of data analysis tools among them enterprise reporting, online analytical processing and ad hoc analysis. It also incorporates data visualization software for the purpose of developing charts and other info graphics as needed.

Business Intelligence or BI comprises a set of strategies, processes, data, technologies, applications, and technical architectures which are used by enterprises to support collection, data analysis, presentation and dissemination of the business information. Our business Dissertation Help USA experts have listed out the important components through which any business intelligence is made of. Read on to know about them:

  • Multidimensional Aggregation and allocation
  • De-normalization, tagging and standardisation
  • Version control and process management
  • Statistical inference and probabilistic simulation
  • Real-time reporting with analytical alert
  • Group consolidation, budgeting and rolling forecasts
  • Key performance indicators optimisation
  • Open item management

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